Neptune FX EA is a 100% automated trading system, it is based on the core logic of the Tendency Forex System, we finally translated all the logic into MT4.

It used to be available in Duplitrade.

Except for the zombie account, the performance of Neptune FX EA is Rank 1.

Neptune FX EA has the highest live subscribers in Duplitrade. ( More than 1000 subscribers )

However, we noticed there are groups of "Grid & Martingale" EA on different pairs on their site, which will do great harm to the subscriber's wealth.

To keep our "Honest and Transparent" baseline, we decided to stop the collaboration with them and already stopped providing trading signals to them from 17 September 2021.

From 17 September 2021, any trading signals on the "Neptune" strategy at Duplitrade are not generated from our side. 

In case you are interested in trading with them, please must check the spread before and after linking your account to them.